Business Has the Potential to Zoom Nationally

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With NSW currently in an extended lockdown and Victoria not long released from its own COVID-19 nightmare, business has become very comfortable with online digital meetings. It’s become the norm rather than the exception, with the likes of Zoom, Teams and Google meet. Distance is no longer an issue and travel is no longer a necessity.

Sharp, smart and nimble businesses have created significant opportunities during these uncertain times, and have enhanced their digital presence through expanding into previously uncharted territory. National relationships, prospecting within national franchise networks, and seeking introductions to interstate counterparts of existing referral sources are all exciting opportunities where technology overcomes distance.

As a national aggregator with a national footprint, we have never seen an influx of leads from brokers spread across the country. Likewise, our successful long-term broker community is targeting interstate business as an opportunity to expand without the restrictive bricks and mortar office costs. Phase 2 for the super-successful is the flexibility of serviced offices on a pay-per-use basis. As the old saying goes “if you are standing still, you are going backwards.“
The smart entrepreneurs in the broker community will thrive during these times. They will expand by reinventing themselves and their business model. The fact is, they will Zoom to much greater heights.