5 Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker: Unlocking Expertise Beyond the Bank 

August 14, 2023
5 Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker: Unlocking Expertise Beyond the Bank

When it comes to obtaining a mortgage, many individuals assume that a bank is their go-to option. However, as a knowledgeable professional, you are aware of the distinct advantages that…

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Vision Aggregation Empowers Brokers with Masterclass Events: 7 Key Insights

July 31, 2023
Vision Aggregation Empowers Brokers with Masterclass Events

In July 2023, Vision Aggregation marked a significant milestone with the successful launch of its lunchtime Masterclass events. The first insightful Masterclass was aimed at assisting brokers in helping their…

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HECS Debt & Home Loans: 5 Tips for Mortgage Brokers to Help Their Clients

July 3, 2023
HECS Debt and Home Loans

Are your clients concerned about how their HECS debt may impact applying for a home loan? HECS, or “HECS-HELP” is a student loan program offered by the Australian Government to…

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Home Guarantee Scheme to Expand from July 1st: 3 Impacts for Mortgage Brokers

May 4, 2023
Home Guarantee Scheme

The Albanese Government has recently announced that it will be expanding the criteria of the Home Guarantee Scheme to enable more people to participate in the different guarantee schemes, from…

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Due Diligence Required: 3 Techniques to Avoid Mortgage Broker Fraud

March 20, 2023
Mortgage Broker Fraud

The mortgage broking industry is very unique in a number of ways. Firstly, not many industries operate within an environment where an error in judgement can result in the immediate…

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How Mortgage Brokers can use ChatGPT to improve their marketing: 2 Strategies

February 27, 2023
ChatGPT to improve marketing

The hottest consumer application in technology today, AI Technology ChatGPT, is taking the world by storm. However, its usability can be used to empower small businesses as a strong solution…

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How can you help your clients with interest rate uncertainty? 5 Strategies

February 20, 2023
Interest Rates

There is a major risk for brokers with the rise in interest rates causing uncertainty in the finance and property space. Brokers need to move quickly; we want our clients…

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Inflation: A Wonderland for the Opportunist

February 13, 2023
Inflation - A Wonderland for the Opportunist

It’s no secret that inflation has risen, hence pushing interest rates in an upward direction and at an alarming rate. Interest rate rises occurring month on month at the current…

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Working On Your Business – Not In It.

October 24, 2022
Vision Aggregation MOrtgages

As 2022 draws to a close, it’s more important than ever to assess your annual success and failures, improvements and goals. If you asked the majority of business owners, they…

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Meaningful Communication is Paramount

September 29, 2022
%Vision Aggregation%

The recent rush by the Reserve Bank of Australia to increase interest rates to control rising inflation has been, and will continue to be, a stressful time for borrowers. The…

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