Working On Your Business – Not In It.

Vision Aggregation MOrtgages

As 2022 draws to a close, it’s more important than ever to assess your annual success and failures, improvements and goals. If you asked the majority of business owners, they would say their main goal for the upcoming year is to not have to work the long hours in a chaotic environment.

Business coaches around the globe will use the term “On it, not in it”.

So what does that actually mean? Does it mean hire a tribe of new staff and become the world’s best delegator? Does it mean increasing the workload of existing staff and cross pollinating departments ?

Short answer – there is an easier way.

One of the most arduous and time-consuming tasks broker businesses are burden with is the lodgement/approval/settlement process.

Think about this ….

If you could spend the exact amount of time generating new business as you currently spend on loan processing, how would that switch positively affect your bottom line?

At Vision, we are an aggregator that is doing everything we can to facilitate positive change in our broker partners business.

Do you know about our loan processing facility?

Vision aggregation offers 2 levels of outsourced lodgement services:

Tier 1 – $129 +GST per application:

  1. Data Entry of application in Infynity & ApplyOnline (AOL)
  2. Fraud Prevention Check
  3. Preparation of Compliance docs
  4. Preparation of AOL and Lender application forms
  5. Submission of the application + supporting docs to the lender
  6. Check 24hrs afterwards file + docs have been received & advise of SLA for assessment

Tier 2 – $179 +GST per application:

  1. All items in Tier 1; plus
  2. Follow up with the lender for updates / required information (following the lender’s SLA’s)
  3. Liaising with the broker and lender to provide required info/docs
  4. Follow through until settlement has been completed

What an opportunity to effectively move a key time consuming task to a cost effective alternative.

If you are looking to work more “ON” and less “IN“ your business this is the answer.

Cost effective, maintain control, more time spent on growth.

As they say “Everyone’s a Winner”.

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