Will Lockdown See a Decline in Face-to-Face Skills?

Will lockdown see a decline in face-to-face skills (1)

During this extended lockdown, it’s going to be several months before employees return to a normal office environment.

Even before the current lockdown, you could venture into most office environments and people are glued to the computer busily pushing out one email after another. Communication in a face-to-face world has been in rapid decline for years. People’s reliance on email, text, etc has grown exponentially. This trend gives birth to the new digital warriors, our children.

In years gone by business was conducted in various forms of face to face meetings with a solid handshake solidifying deals all over the world. With the advent of Zoom, Team’s and Google meeting rooms is the face to face workplace dead?

Let’s hope not, relationships and sales are paramount to almost every business on the planet and we will find out nothing has changed. Back office environments are the epicentre of innovation and ideas, the rollout and buy-in from our target market is the responsibility of a committed sales workforce.

Step 1 when assessing the viability of any new offering is making sure you have an audience. My view is when this latest lockdown is over, employment hubs all over the country will relish the opportunity to work amongst each other again, sales leaders will hit the road and we will have a greater appreciation of what we temporarily lost.