What Was the Most Important Management Task of 2021?

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Mortgage broking is a rewarding industry, the feeling you get when a young couple buy their first home is worth bottling.

That said, it’s not all good feelings with warm and fuzzy moments. There are constant daily challenges that convert to a high-stress environment. New compliance regimes, changing regulation, and the moving feast that is serviceability are examples of pressures that brokers at all levels are subject to daily.

Historically November and December are our busiest months leading into what is traditionally a quieter period. To call mortgage broking a 5 day a week, 9-to-5 gig is underestimating the daily demands of taking on multiple clients’ property dreams.

2021 has been a year of “improvise, adapt and overcome.“ Nothing has been easy, therefore the most important management task of 2021 still needs to be completed…

Management of Yourself!

This holiday period, respect yourself, take care of yourself, refresh, recharge and gallop in 2022 with a newfound enthusiasm. The most forgotten person in most businesses is the owner. Spend time with your family, spend time on yourself, invest in yourself.

Congratulations on your achievements in 2021. It’s been a challenge, and you have passed the test.

We look forward to witnessing your success in 2022!