Weathering the storm…as a broker

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If we flicked from one news article to next and with all major outlets available it would become very clear that the world is on the brink of collapse, furthermore ‘The Virus’ is going to capture and kill us all.

We all know that dramatic headlines create interest and interest creates revenue i.e. It just sells!!

I was having a chat with a long term, successful mortgage broker in early April and we both agreed that the mortgage broking industry is extremely well positioned to weather the storm and prosper when this pandemic is eradicated.

Businesses should never lose sight of the monumental job they perform for their client base, from sourcing the best loan, helping borrowers grow their wealth, and be a sounding board during difficult times.

Mortgage aggregators are no different. Vision Aggregation has assisted brokers by offering different models to suit their businesses, whether it be the most cost-effective flat fee in the market or a super competitive percentage model deal.

In our industry, brokers should have a genuine partnership with their aggregator, if not you should consider switching aggregators. Mortgage brokers continue to be responsible for nearly 60% of all mortgages written, and that number is climbing.

Be positive and proud of the work you do as professional Mortgage broker. At Vision Aggregation, we certainly are.