Vision Aggregation Empowers Brokers with Masterclass Events: 7 Key Insights

Vision Aggregation Empowers Brokers with Masterclass Events

In July 2023, Vision Aggregation marked a significant milestone with the successful launch of its lunchtime Masterclass events. The first insightful Masterclass was aimed at assisting brokers in helping their clients navigate the challenges and pressures of ‘the Mortgage Cliff’.

Want to know the best part about Vision’s events? They are absolutely free, fostering a casual and communal atmosphere that encourages active participation. So, why not grab your lunch and join our next lunchtime Masterclass!

Our recent inaugural Masterclass session drew the attention of nearly 50 brokers who gathered to enhance their expertise and stay ahead in the industry. The Masterclass covered a range of essential topics on the Mortgage Cliff, ensuring brokers left the event equipped with the valuable insights and practical resources.

1. Understanding the Mortgage Cliff

The session commenced by explaining the Mortgage Cliff; that it isn’t just about coming off fixed rates. This comprehensive explanation enabled brokers to understand the complexities involved so that they can provide better guidance to their clients.

2. Navigating the Interest Only Conundrum

Vision Aggregation explained the Interest Only conundrum, enabling brokers to assist their clients in making informed decisions about their repayment options.

3. Cash Flow Samples

Visualising the impact of the Mortgage Cliff is powerful. Attendees were presented with real-life cash flow samples, providing tangible examples of the potential financial implications their clients might face.

4. Strategies for Success

Brokers learned three effective strategies to support their clients during this critical period. From negotiating pricing concessions, to exploring refinancing opportunities and conducting comprehensive Deep Dive analyses, these strategies form a robust toolkit for brokers to help their clients thrive.

5. The Power of the Deep Dive

The Vision ‘Deep Dive; was unveiled, highlighting it’s significance in the current market environment, and why right now it is critical. Brokers gained insights into how this comprehensive analysis could save their clients substantial amounts of money and secure their financial future.

6. The Masterclass Live Example

A live example of a client facing a cash flow challenge was shared durin the session. Brokers witnessed how urgent action was required to address a seemingly $3,000 per month problem that, in reality, turned out to be a $7,000 per month issue. This case study underscored the importance of being proactive and well-prepared.

7. Portfolio Workbook – A Game-Changing Tool

This was the star of the show… We introduced to the brokers our Portfolio Workbook. This powerful tool streamlines their processes, making the entire client support journey more efficient and impactful.

Brokers walked away with the handy tools and resources to help their business.

This Masterclass was tailored to cater to the needs of:

  • Experienced brokers,
  • Brokers with ‘portfolio builder’ clients (clients with a decent size property portfolio and many loan splits), and
  • Brokers who wanted more of these types of clients.

Vision Aggregation, backed by nearly 25 years of retail broking experience, is committed to sharing its expertise and insights with the broker community. We are in the unique position of still being ‘on the tools’, so we are well-placed to know what is needed for the busy broker. For years, we have presented unique training events, often with a sharp focus on the experienced broker. We are proactive, actively working in the industry, providing cutting-edge knowledge and tools so that brokers achieve tangible results.

If you’re eager to be a part of future Masterclass events or want to learn more about Vision Aggregation’s commitment to broker success, reach out to us at Elevate your broker game with Vision Aggregation and thrive in today’s ever-changing market.

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