Vision Celebrates Superb 1st National Conference: Bringing Our Community Together

Vision Celebrates 1st National Conference

With a surge in broker numbers throughout 2023, Vision Aggregation celebrated our growth by hosting our 1st National Conference in September 2023. Brokers flew in from all parts of Australia, drove up various motorways and highways to come together for the first time.

Hosted on the top floor of Suncorp’s spectacular Barangaroo facility, the harbour provided a perfect backdrop for a day filled with valuable insights, learning opportunities, good vibes, and strong camaraderie.

The entire event was superb, and brokers were treated to a networking event at SMOKE located on the Barangaroo Promenade. Bringing everyone together was a remarkable and rewarding experience, allowing many to finally put faces to the names they had been working with, and engage in face-to-face interactions with interstate colleagues for the first time.

Lead Generation

The central theme of the day revolved around marketing and lead generation. Darrell Weekes from Purple Thread Marketing is one of the most experienced campaigners in our industry and his sessions were full of practical tips and insights for brokers to maximise their marketing edge without breaking the bank.

Darrell’s approach has always been practical, featuring real-world examples. His engaging presentation was not only entertaining but prompted questions and much praise from the audience.

In a testament to Darrell’s expertise, and in collaboration with Vision Aggregation, Darrell will be offering a free ‘Marketing Makeover’ for all conference attendees. It is so important for broking businesses to ‘go the next step’ after these events, and Darrell recognises the crucial importance of this. Darrell’s gesture highlights the significance of participants to apply his practical tips and expertise within their broking businesses. Overall, Darrell’s amazing gift underscores his commitment to the success of all attendees.

Lender Power Session

Vision Aggregation recognises that in order for mortgage brokers to operate at their peak, swift and impactful updates from our key lending partners is absolutely vital. Just to name a few, partners such as Suncorp, Macquarie, Tradies Finance, and Pepper Money are integral to our network. Each of our lender representatives were given 2 challenges.

  1. The 15-Minute Challenge: Each lender was allocated 15 minutes to deliver a powerful update on niches, policy changes and timeframes. These factors play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of a successful mortgage broker.
  2. Panel Session: Vision Aggregation’s CEO, Dave Lennox, invited all the lenders to join a panel discussion, with a few ‘BIG’ questions:
    1. What their BRAND stood for, and
    1. What were the most exciting things expected in the upcoming year.
Macquarie Bank, Tradies Finance, Pepper Money, Suncorp
Vision Celebrates Superb 1st National Conference: Bringing Our Community Together 8

Industry Tradeshow

The Vision Aggregation Tradeshow experienced an impressive turnout, featuring a range of industry suppliers offering valuable resources:

  • MIDDLE: Known for developing one of the industry’s premier and top-notch Data Capture Platforms.
  • CORELOGIC: While most brokers might have some basic familiarity with CoreLogic, their Broker Engagement tools are essential for brokers to stay well-informed about what their clients are doing or are about to do.
  • SWOOP: An innovative commercial finance platform which allows broker the opportunity to diversify into the commercial lending space
  • PLATFORM FINANCE: Recognised as Australia’s leading asset finance provider, Platform empowers brokers with the flexibility to choose how they operate within the leasing space.
Middle Finance, CoreLogic, Swoop Funding, Platform Finance
Vision Celebrates Superb 1st National Conference: Bringing Our Community Together 9

Property Investment

Matt Ivers has transformed the way mortgage brokers are thinking about property investment. With over two decades of industry experience and bolstered by the industry-leading PIERS software platform, brokers now have the opportunity to enhance their skills in a responsible manner.

Vision Aggregation provides its leading mortgage brokers with a platform to deliver leading investment property advice to their mortgage broking clients. It all comes down to education and compliance, and brokers have already started to embrace this opportunity to better serve their clients.

Celebrating Our Achievers

Vision Aggregation proudly celebrated the accomplishments of some of Australia’s leading mortgage brokers, recognising their significant achievements through the following awards:


Lydia Hrin of Hope Mortgages was honoured our Mentee Broker of the Year award, an award based on several factors such as volumes, compliance and how their business has been developed into a long-term sustainable operation. Operating out of Melbourne, we celebrated Lydia’s outstanding performance.


This accolade was awarded to Navneet Sandhu, who has had a superb first year with us.


Jared Dorans of Crown Property Finance has firmly established himself as an exemplary broker, earning recognition as one of the best in the field. He has cemented himself as a broker of the highest order, and he has been a wonderful part of the group. We extend our gratitude and congratulations for his outstanding and contribution.


This award was taken out by InSynergy Financial, pipping a few very notable contenders. Richard Sheppard and his team have been integral members of Vision Aggregation for over 10 years, building a formidable operation focused on property investment education. Congratulations to Richard and Natasha Sheppard, and the entire team for their remarkable achievement.


This category spotlights several ‘intangible’ factors such as goodwill, compliance, knowledge sharing and selflessly providing time to supporting others within the group. Paul Economides of Charter Group Finance has been part of Vision for nearly 15 years and represents everything we love about the industry… he is an industry legend.

Lydia Hrin, Hope Mortgages
Lydia Hrin,
Hope Mortgages
Jared Dorans, Crown Property Finance
Jared Dorans,
Crown Property Finance
Paul Economides, Charter Group Finance
Paul Economides,
Charter Group Finance
InSynergy Financial
InSynergy Financial,
Group of the Year

Building Bonds and Fostering Community at Vision’s 1st National Conference

In summary, the prevailing theme underscored the importance of teamwork and fostering great camaraderie. It was a wonderful day, followed by an exquisite evening where we were spoilt by the stunning Sydney Harbour sunset and perfect weather… Sydney was in full flight.

All the brokers had the opportunity to relax and let their hair down, whilst sharing a laugh and engaging in conversations about the ups and downs of running a mortgage broking business. One thing was plainly clear… we cannot wait until the next one!

Vision Aggregation continues to find ways of bringing our community together. We know that running a business can be challenging, and even a bit lonely at times. By catching up regularly and building connections with others, we collectively grow and thrive together.

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