There are opportunities

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If you read the paper, watch the news or listen the radio, you’ll know there’s a fair bit of uncertainty.  There’s discussion surrounding whether property markets are heading south, whether the country will fall into recession, and speculation about how those with a mortgage will weather the storm.

Sensational headlines inspire people to buy publications and, historically, bad news sells.

Sure, certain borrowers will be holding their breath as interest rates rise for the fourth consecutive month. Purchasers who bought in red hot areas with little or no fundamentals will certainly see a drop in values. However, does that mean that every real estate market in Australia is a no-go zone?

Absolutely not.

Educated investors are already locating good quality stock in markets that have ticked many boxes.

So what are these areas, and what makes them attractive investments?

  • Low vacancy rates 
  • Supply and demand strength 
  • Areas that haven’t experienced as much growth that other areas have in the last 5 years 
  • Growth in employment 
  • Growth in public and private enterprise 
  • Population growth 
  • Government infrastructure spending

Areas that have shown growth and potential include (but are not limited to):

  • Regional NSW 
  • Regional Victoria 
  • Western Australia
  • Brisbane (houses) 

The message is loud and clear – stay up to date and educated, follow the market and read whatever you can get your hands on – then do your own extensive research.

Quality investors will always be around, and will always find the right investment. Be bold when others are cautious, and cautious when others are bold.

In the very near-term, Vision will be rolling out an industry leading real estate platform only available to existing Vision brokers.

With proven calculation, reliable research and an insightful ability to discover quality low risk markets this platform will be unlike any other property tool on the market.

Stay tuned – we can’t wait to share it with you.