The Great Resignation: What Brokers Need to Know

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Employees seem to have more options for employment than ever before.

A recent article highlighted a business’s desperation to find a reliable worker by offering 50 thousand more than the job would normally pay, what an extraordinary situation.

Take a walk through any major shopping centre and you will every second business is looking for full time, part-time and casual staff.

With so many options employees will no longer accept unacceptable work conditions, lopsided collective bargaining agreements and poor business culture.

The broker community is no different. At this time, it’s crucial to have regular meaningful contact with your valuable employees. Think outside the square when incentivising employees. Have a collaborative approach, because we all know how things turn out with a dictatorial approach.

The most successful businesses have the best culture, where everyone feels equal and appreciated.

To lose a valuable employee is a very big impost on your business, not to mention the financial burden of rehiring/retraining.

Treat your people well, communicate and appreciate.

It’s wise to incentivise.