The Colour of Money

brown mortgages
It’s all very brown…

There was a time when, as a potential home buyer, you made an appointment with your local bank manager and walked into an office riddled with brown.

The table was brown, the filing cabinets were brown, the bank manager wore a brown suit and there was a large brown name plaque on his desk with ‘Manager’ in capital letters.

Together, you filled out a brown application form and were given the brown copy of a duplicate application, pending a decision that arrived no quicker than one of browns cows!

Changing times…

How times have changed since the advent of the third party channel. Brokers visit homes, conduct home loan applications at anytime of the day; in workplaces, on weekends and now via Zoom and other types of technology.

The competitive nature of the mortgage industry has demanded that clients needs are paramount and prioritised above all else.

Today clients receive emails, text messages, phone calls and have access to specifically designed IT platforms and phone apps to understand every stage of the approval process.

With nearly 60 per cent of mortgages processed via the 3rd party channel , we can all agree that the public continues to vote for the colour that mortgage brokers have provided as apposed to the brown process.

Long May it continue