Technology leaders driving compliance for brokers


With the increased costs and time of meeting our increasing compliance obligations, technology has never been a more important part of a brokers day-to-day activities. Platform builders are busily updating and simplifying the sometimes complicated world of broker compliance. And now, technology leaders are driving compliance for brokers.

Rumours of AI taking market share from brokers is overblown and unrealistic in a world that values human contact more now than ever before.

Zoom meetings have become the norm and have allowed increased flexibility around meeting times and venues. Compliance for brokers remains the most tedious of tasks however change is coming:

  • Pre populated information 
  • Voices activated platforms 
  • Total automation 
  • Voice driven platforms 

These are all possibilities.

Compliance for Brokers: Our Chosen Platform

In a broker market where every Aggregator is fighting hard for market share; it would make sense to know that your business partner is adapting to the changing times.

Our chosen platform, Infynity, is on the move. With regular timely enhancements rolling out throughout the year and many more to come.

Utilising a platform that is always moving forward and refuses to standstill gives us confidence that we will not be left behind.

No platform is perfect, but with a vision to improve and a collaborative approach Vision brokers are perfectly positioned to take the next step.