Strong focus among the chaos

Another month of chaos.

The country has been battered by wind and rain, homes are falling into the sea on the Central Coast, waves are the biggest in a long time and Covid is continuing to throw unique challenges to our society at a rapid pace.

As brokers, we KNOW that whilst this chaos persists, we will have a lending environment that chops and changes regularly. Policies are changing, the forms your customers need to sign are changing, the rules around video conferencing are changing.


Brokers are a resilient lot and enquiry levels and settlement figures are very strong across the group. Congratulations to all of you for how you have embraced these challenges, it is a credit to your focus and professionalism that you have pressed forward through these challenges.

We are continuing to work on ways we can help you with your businesses. The upcoming rounds of Thursday webinars will have topics which we trust will be relevant and help you keep moving forward.

Special Mention to the Top 3 businesses for Year 20

This month-end sees us wrap up the financial year for settlement volumes. Huge congratulations to Vision Newcastle, Polaris and Charter Group for taking out podium positions, fantastic consistency from all three of you. Fat Money took out top spot on the commercial lending side, well done Rob!

All the best to all of you, stay healthy and safe…