5 Ways Mortgage Brokers Can Stand Out in Virtual Meetings

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As a mortgage broker, having a strong online presence is crucial in today’s digital age. The mortgage broking industry is so competitive, and with that being said, there is an increase in competition and choice for customers. Subsequently, this means that as a mortgage broker, you need to know how to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as the superior broker. How can you do that?

Recently, Cat Mulvihill, a trainer and facilitator for virtual meetings and presentations, showcased the importance of your online presentation to our mortgage broking group at our March Professional Development Days in Victoria and NSW. In Cat’s presentation, she demonstrated how our mortgage brokers can stand out in virtual meetings and presentations, through creating engaging and professional online presentations that grab – and keep – your audience’s attention.

In this article, we are going to delve into each element of how our brokers can stand out in virtual meetings, and create an engaging experience with a strong online presence.

1) Define Success

Defining your success, what success means to you, and what success means for your clients, in advance to your virtual meanings is essential. When you are willing to define your success and understand how your business can create success in your client’s life, your client will grasp your determination more thoroughly. This is because your success can determine how hard you’re willing to work for not only yourself, but for your business. Thus, if you can define this success for your customers, your customers are more likely to be involved, more proactive and view you as more professional and credible. So, in your virtual meetings, come prepared with a range of resources to prove your expertise, in the form of files, notes and websites, and be willing to sign into any accounts needed.

2) Your Video

Since calls are separated by distance, the optimum solution to stand out in your virtual meetings is to make your customers feel like they are in the same room as you. Videos make people feel more engaged, and it allows all members of the virtual meeting to express emotions and reactions, immediately humanising the interaction. So, how can you enhance your video?

Firstly, ensure that you frame yourself effectively in the video. This can be done by visibly positioning your head and shoulders so that there is minimal space above your head. Additionally, ensure that the lighting in the room is bright enough so that your customers can view your face clearly, whilst adjusting any light to reduce glare in your eyeglasses. Lastly, avoid any distracting backgrounds.

We recently offered an amazing giveaway to our mortgage brokers; access to a branded virtual background. Your virtual background creates a strong impression of you and your business. And thus, Vision Aggregation are dedicated to supporting the professionality of our broker group.

3) Your Audio

Your hand gestures, body language, what you’re wearing and how you look are all contributing factors that creates someone’s first impression of who you are. Likewise, vocal delivery is also an essential element to consider when attending a virtual audience. Having good vocal delivery in your virtual meetings will help you create a strong, engaging experience for your clients.

Your voice should be clear and audible, with enough volume and no interference so that your clients can hear you clearly and effectively. This means that it is so important to minimise, if not, completely remove, any distracting sounds, including computer notifications, moving objects, coughing, or clearing your throat, and any background noises.

You can check how effective and clear your audio is by conducting a meeting with yourself and recording this meeting. You can then listen back to it, so you can hear exactly what your client hears.

4) Connecting on Camera

Whilst your physical and audio gestures are important, it’s also essential that you stay focused on your clients and show that you are engaged with them and their concerns. To do this, look at the camera regularly whilst speaking and listening. This shows that you aren’t distracted, and your attention is focused solely on your clients and their need for your service. Additionally, this removes the inclination to multitask, which is unprofessional, unproductive, and disrespectful to your client.

You should also increase your energy by 10-20%. When conducting meetings remotely, it can be hard to keep your client’s attention. Thus, online engagement is important to avoid causing fatigue for you and your audience. Tell a story where possible, but practice stories in advance. Begin the meeting with an ice-breaking question. Maintain clear and concise instructions throughout, to avoid any confusion or any fear in answering important questions.

5) Using Your Voice

When conducting your virtual meetings, connecting emotion to your message is essential; people hear the sound of your voice before they interpret the words you are saying. Humans use their voice to convey emotions in every interaction, including happiness, sadness, fear, sarcasm, grief, excitement, contentment, and so on, all through the tone of their speaking voice. Thus, your voice is a powerful tool to optimise your virtual meetings for your clients.

Ensure that you use the building blocks of your voice, such as your pitch, pace, tone, melody and volume, to match your voice to the messages you want to convey.

Vision Aggregation can help you stand out in virtual meetings!

Knowing how to stand out in your virtual meetings can enhance your professionalism and set you apart from other mortgage brokers in this competitive industry. Providing a high-quality service to your clients is essential to building your point of difference, and attracting and retaining potential clients. By leveraging these tools and utilising the tips above, you can create a positive impression on your clients, and demonstrate your commitment to them, and your business.

If you need help understanding how to achieve the above elements of standing out in virtual meetings, Vision Aggregation are here to assist. Contact us today to learn more.

If you are interested in downloading Cat Mulvihill’s Stand Out in Virtual Meetings Guide, click here.

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