Small Business Knows Small Business


Have you ever thought, “The grass was greener on the other side?” or I have to “Be with the biggest to be the best.”

If so, I am sorry to say both statements are myths. The philosophy behind making a move or joining a group or organisation is so much more complex than a business’ size and marketing. The same issues exist in the mortgage broker/aggregator business relationship.

Too often, I have heard mortgage brokers making decisions based on information from an aunt, uncle or a sister’s best friend. Not doing your research and fully understanding the culture of your proposed partner can harm your business, growth plans and culture.

Ask questions!
– How many broker groups will my BDM look after?
– Is there a service level based on the volume I write?
– Will you help me grow?
– Can I speak to some of your existing broker networks?

These are all valid questions that will help you decide if this aggregator is the right choice.

Is big always better? Absolutely not. Small to medium size aggregators are sailing the same ship as small to medium mortgage broking businesses. They work hard to grow in a competitive market whilst ensuring infrastructure matches growth by partnering with like-minded brokers who collectively reach for their goals.

There is no greater satisfaction than watching something smaller becoming something bigger all the while maintaining a wonderful, fulfilling working relationship. Vision Aggregation is in the midst of a rewarding growth phase, not only within our business but with our valued brokers.

Ready to join the movement?