Shop Around

Shop Around

As the Black Friday Sales draw to a close, it’s evident that the Australian public like a bargain. Or moreover, the Australian public appreciates paying a reasonable price for an outstanding service or product.

If you were like me and were blissfully unaware there were sales on at every retailer at your local shopping centre, you were completely horrified when parking took over 30 minutes to secure.

Like shopping for a bargain, borrowers have upped the ante on shopping for a better mortgage deal.

Some lenders are currently offering some ‘unheard of’ offers, including the following:

  • No application fees,
  • Huge cash back offers,
  • Cash back offers for every mortgage, and
  • Cash back offers to remain a mortgage customer.

As the mortgage market contracts during increasing interest rates, competition is at a greater rate.

So, if the public hunts like hungry wolves for a special buy and home buyers are being courted by lenders like never before, why wouldn’t a broker check their current aggregation agreement and ensure it is the best deal for them?

You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a choice of what commission I am on?
  • Percentage or flat fee?
  • Can I move from percentage to flat fee?
  • Does my aggregator offer a flat fee?
  • How much is my mentoring costing?
  • Are my fees reasonable?
  • Do my fees keep going up?
  • Does my aggregator keep increasing fees?
  • Can I contact my aggregator BDM?
  • Am in a partnership with my aggregator?
  • Overall, is what I pay my aggregator value for money?
  • New year, new attitude?
  • New aggregator?

Don’t be one of those brokers that stays with an aggregator that offers nothing but commission payments. Consider what is more important, “Black Friday Sales” or your business’ bottom line and wellbeing.

This is why brokers work with Vision Aggregation. At Vision, we are dedicated to supporting our clients and brokers in every way. Choose Vision; you won’t be disappointed.