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Our custom website service delivers you your very own quality website at a fraction of the cost of what you would normally pay. In this digital age, a website is an important tool, your prospective clients will gain trust that they are dealing with a reputable company and if used correctly, will generate leads.

There are three packages to choose from: Platinum, Gold and Silver, each offering varying features, depending on your budget and your digital needs.

Item Silver $1,350 Gold $1,600 Platinum $1,900
Web Hosting (12 months) X X X
CMS Setup and Installation X X X
Responsive Build X X X
SSL Certificate (12 months) X X X
Brand Customisation X X X
Blog Page X X X
Blog Content (2 articles written & posted) X
3 Website Pages (Home, About, Contact) X
4 Website Pages (Home, About, Services, Contact) X
5 Website Pages (Home, About, Services, Contact, Additional Page of your choice (e.g. Tips/Get Started/Reviews) X
Support (Online) X X
Social Media Integration X X
Google Analytics Setup + Integration X

We work on a first-in, first-out basis, so the sooner you sign up for your new website design the sooner you join the queue.

Our goal is to always have your website completed within 4 - 6 weeks and we will always strive to have the first draft ready for your review within approximately 2-3 weeks.


Some things that can hold us up include waiting on any required information and/or if we need to work with any current providers you may be using. 

Absolutely! Nowadays it is critical that your website looks just as good on a mobile device as on a computer. So, we create both designs for you.

We have access to a license-free stock image library and therefore we are approved to use any of the images we put on your website. Having said that, we are able to use your images too.

Please feel free to provide us with any high-resolution images that you would like us to use, Photos of your team members, your workspace, or any other images you wish to use.

Many Small Business Owners and Brokers know exactly what they want to say and promote on their new website, as well as who they are expecting to view their content. These prices are based on you providing all the content that you wish to have on your website. We require you to provide us with as much content as possible to add to your new site, however, we are here to help you and to tweak your content too.

If you really don't know what to write, or what content you want to share on your new website, then we are able to provide copywriting services for an additional fee. Our experienced team will talk to you about your goals and what you offer, then we will create the whole lot for you and get you to approve what we have put together.

No. Your website will come with an easy-to-use SEO Website Plug-In, however, the setup will be up to you.

Website SEO is available as an optional extra, including copy and technical SEO.

You do. As soon as your website is paid for and live, you become the owner of that website. We give you 100% access to your entire backend.

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