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More and more we hear about the premature loss of life through suicide.

Mental health still has a certain stigma attached to it, however awareness and treatment is improving – that said, the suicide rate is tragically high.

Mental health issues can develop in any person of all walks of life at any time. It doesn’t need a reason or single episode to take control of a person’s life.

There are many reasons for people to suffer mental health.  Many of us have suffered with depression or anxiety in some form. Make no mistake every single person on the planet knows someone affected by mental health / suicide.

Sports stars, politicians, movie stars, kids, mums and dads are all susceptible to mental health issues.

Recently, out of work NRL former player and coach, Paul Green, took his own life.

The great Anthony Bourdain also succumbed to an ongoing mental health battle.

The extraordinary Robin Williams was taken way too soon as a result of suicide.

Our occupation is a stressful one requiring long hours, performance deadlines, working alone and constant pressure.

On RU OK, day take a moment to assess your mental health…

Are you always highly stressed? Are you sad? Are feeling hopeless? Are you struggling to find any joy in your life?

If so, take stock of your situation, seek help. Speak with your doctor and ask for help.

“It’s not weak to speak” 

If you know of anyone struggling, don’t stand by and be silent, have the conversation and take an interest.

Don’t let yourself or your family member, friend or colleague be another statistic.

More importantly, take care of yourself. Don’t suffer in silence.

Answer this question… RU OK??