Recapping a Superb Year of Vision Aggregation: Pushing New Boundaries into 2024

Recapping a Superb Year of Vision Aggregation: Pushing New Boundaries into 2024

As the year draws to a close, Vision reflects on a remarkable journey, pushing new boundaries in its unique ‘Brokers Supporting Brokers’ model. The year 2023 has been a testament to Vision’s commitment to growth, education, and community building. Let’s recap the highlights that defined Vision’s year, and have set the stage for an even more promising 2024.

1. Unprecedented Growth

Vision saw a 30% increase in broker numbers since January 2023. The surge in onboarded brokers solidified our position as a thriving community for brokers, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared success.

2. Home of Successful Brokerages

One third of Vision brokers are writing $20 million or more, making us the home of successful brokerages. This emphasised Vision as the go-to hub for brokers aiming for substantial success in their ventures, and we will continue to support this into the future.

3. Soaring Settlement Volumes

Settlement volumes are on track for a 50% increase on the prior financial year. This growth exemplifies the effectiveness of our resources, including broker tools and support, for our brokers’ unprecedented success.

4. Endorsed Mentoring Program

Our self-paced, group based, high touch Mentoring Program was officially endorsed by the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) in 2023. Vision will continue to exceed in our commitment to mentorship for new and experienced brokers.

5. Educational Triumphs

Vision saw a record number of Professional Development opportunities on offer for our broker group. This also included our first National Conference. The inaugural National Conference brought brokers from all corners of Australia together for a day filled with insights, learning and camaraderie.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Vision lives and breathes the lives of its mortgage brokers. With 25 years of broking experience, we are perfectly placed to provide brokers with WHAT they need, and WHEN they need it. There is so much noise in the market, and Vision helps cut through that, so that broker gets help where they need it most.

As we look toward 2024, the focus remains on responsible growth. Anticipating a 50% growth in the calendar year, Vision aims to surge towards handling larger volumes. Our vision extends beyond mere numbers, with a commitment to adding more growth opportunities for brokers through diversification and upskilling initiatives.

We are eager to see yet again a superb turnout for the next National Conference, and have a year packed with training opportunities for our broker group, highlighting our commitment to empowering our brokers.

We will continue to foster community bonds, as we know that in the business of broking, collaboration and connection are essential for collective growth.

Overall, as we look back on a year marked by growth, education, and community, the stage is set for an even more promising 2024. With a clear vision and a thriving community, Vision continues to redefine the landscape of broker supporting, proving that in unity, brokers truly find strength and success.