Property Price Watch

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Let’s face it, everyone follows the property market. It’s a topic at every BBQ, family gathering and local pub. Everyone had an opinion and the vast majority of us have picked incorrectly over the last 5 years.

  • It will go down
  • It will go sideways and boom again
  • It will continue in double digit growth
  • It will capitulate

This latest property cycle is a very interesting one given there are significant underlying issues that normally have an effect on property.

  • Global inflation fueling national inflation
  • Supply and demand
  • Increasing interest rates
  • Record fuel prices
  • Massive increases in cost of living

The other issues that are extraordinary for this time are …

  • War in Europe
  • Massive supply issues
  • Global interest rate pressures
  • Global asset price bubble

In Australia it’s certainly not a time to panic. That said, it’s a time to stay educated and in touch with your clients, monitoring the market daily.

In other news, the MFAA have confirmed that the broker market share has risen to 70%.

It is no surprise really and based on current trends. You can expect to see that number increase further over the next 12 months.