Professional Development is a Priority: 3 Reasons Why

Professional Development is a Priority

Being a mortgage broker can be extremely stressful at times; working tirelessly on your own to get the best results for your clients.

Dealing with a changing landscape can be challenging. As well as this, working from home can sometimes mean reducing family time and well-deserved time away from your business, not the opposite.

As a mortgage broking aggregator, we have an obligation to our network and mortgage broker community to provide assistance and an outlet to relieve some of the day-to-day stresses mortgage brokers are faced with.

Whether it be…

  • Assisting with technical issues, 
  • Getting better support and response times from our lender partners, 
  • Providing educational updates, or
  • Compliance assistance.

Obtaining the proper licences to become a mortgage broker is one thing, but mentoring, training and continued professional development are essential parts of being a successful mortgage broker. Here are 3 reasons why your professional development in the mortgage broking industry is vital…

1) Up-To-Date with Industry Changes

The mortgage broking industry is constantly evolving. When a mortgage broker stays up-to-date with industry changes, that person is staying relevant and competitive, setting themselves as highly superior against others in the industry.

2) Enhances Knowledge and Skills

When a mortgage broker focuses on their professional development, they are provided with the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance their knowledge; all vital elements of being able to stay competitive, relevant, highly superior, and able to provide better outcomes for all clients. Particular skills that can be obtained through our Professional Development Days include,

  • Marketing your mortgage broking business to remain credible in this highly competitive industry.
  • Understand the quality of creating video content for your marketing expertise.
  • Improve on communication skills with clients and prospective referrers.

Obtaining all these skills can lead to increased business and referrals.

3) Maintain Credibility and Professionalism

Most clients expect that their mortgage broker is knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. When a mortgage broker is committed to their own personal development in the industry, this can assist the broker in building their credibility, leading to long-term relationships and repeat business.

Vision Aggregation’s Bi-Annual Professional Development Days

One of the most important events of the year are our biannual Professional Development Days. Vision Aggregation prides itself on thinking outside the square and providing insightful, educational, fun content that ensures our mortgage broker network walks away energised and motivated. As well, these professional development days are a not-to-miss event to help our mortgage brokers strengthen their success, through engaging in a wealth of knowledge from our incredible industry speakers, to help our mortgage brokers achieve better outcomes for themselves, and their clients.

Additionally, our Professional Development Days are an opportunity for mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, and other providers, to engage with each other, learn from each other and build successful relationships.

These days require significant planning and input from numerous areas, including our valued mortgage broker partners.

Rolling out one lender after another with interest rate boards and product promotion is not what our Professional Development Days are about. Information from lenders with something different, industry updates and fellowship amongst our group is the aim.

Recently, our current mortgage broker network was notified of our upcoming Professional Development Days in both Victoria and NSW. We look forward to hosting these events this week.

If you are a mortgage broker wanting to improve your own professional development and training, with an eagerness to grow, succeed and benefit from providing better outcomes to your clients, now is the time to book an appointment with Vision Aggregation.

We appreciate every mortgage broker that is dedicated and committed to their business’s success, and their ability to learn, build and engage in the industry.

Likewise, we appreciate all of our mortgage brokers’ ongoing support for taking part in all our events.

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