Pre-Election Gift – is this a heartache for first home buyers?


Housing affordability stands as one of the major issues for both potential political parties as a federal election announcements looms.

Two comments stood out over the last two weeks and it was necessary to read them both more than once to get one’s head around what what was said.

Firstly, an absolute beauty from Scott Morrison and I quote “Well all these people complaining about rent is too high and not affordable, then just buy a house“ I find this statement one of the most bizarre statements from an elected prime minister in history.

What part of housing affordability don’t you understand? Is he saying that a teacher and nurse, married couple living on two wages should just hang the cost and go out and mortgage themselves to the hilt when property prices are at record highs and interest rates are at record lows?

The second ripper was Barnaby Joyce the deputy leader of the liberals who said “My first house was $67,000 so it’s feasible for young families“ You, Barnaby Joyce have completely lost sight of today’s numbers around houses even in regional and rural areas!

Current announcements from the federal government around the extension and expansion of the first home buyers (FHB) schemes have done little to make housing more affordable, if anything they have made it worse.

Granted, it’s not an easy issue to resolve, it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure families have a safe affordable place to live. Wages growth continues to stagnate and put simply home ownership is out of reach to millions of families.

At this stage with an election just around the corner I haven’t heard any political party put forward a realistic option that will assist this crucial issue. Do we want to go down the path of other countries where people more people live on the street, squat or live in cars?

We are known as the lucky country. You cannot say we are lucky with the current demise of “The Great Australian Dream“ when all sides of government talk about a crisis and do nothing.

Worrying times ahead.