Out of Focus; yet with clarity


We humans spend a lot of our time searching for clarity.  Whether it is taking pictures, understanding concepts or helping clients navigate their finances.  We seek understanding, clarity and boundaries we can see.  In post covid-19 time, many things are blurry.

There is a huge amount of confusion in our community. We are returning to normality, but infections are still around. NRL and AFL is back but there are no crowds, kids footy has started but there is no tackling, you can go to the pub; but you have to book and you can’t stand up. Victoria is scaring us and we still can’t go to Queensland!

This blurriness has extended to our industry

Rates are low, the property market is offering bargains and the government is handing out endless incentives to first home buyers. Lenders are wary, ensuring they meet responsible lending guidelines, shading rents, cutting bonuses and asking all sorts of questions about Job keeper.  Then ANZ come into the mix with a $4 k rebate and blowout assessment times to 4+weeks. 

Many Vision Aggregation brokers are saying they have record breaking enquiry levels, but placing loans and dealing with more credit queries is increasing assessment times. 

The key to getting through this time is to roll with the punches.  Make your clients understand you need to dig deeper and that things could take longer.  But you will make their lives easier by ensuring you handle all the bank’s enquiries with speed and professionalism.

Accept the uncertainty, find your clarity.…your clients will love you more.

Happy broking

The Vision Team