Ongoing Education and Aggregator Partnerships

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As Personal Development days begin to roll out in the coming months, it is crucial for Brokers to understand the importance of partnering with an Aggregator that provides insightful and educational content based on current events and industry updates.

Over the years I have attended scores of PD days that drag on, lack any real substance and are essentially an afternoon or morning full of paid promotions. It’s worth noting that at the majority of large aggregator PD days, the content is almost completely determined by who pays the most amount of money for the greatest visibility.

Vision Aggregation spends countless hours planning and analysing the needs of our broker partners, ensuring that content meets the needs of the majority.

Promoting loan products and declaring the best interest rate loans is boring and unnecessary.
Brokers are professional independent experts that pride themselves on keeping updated daily about rate moves and attractive offers.

When you are considering making a move or joining an aggregator all these offerings are crucial to ensuring you don’t experience buyer’s remorse.

A partnership after all is two or more entities or individuals working towards a common goal.

My advice ….

Choose Vision Aggregation.