How Can Mortgage Brokers Leverage the Recent MFAA Statistics?

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The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), dedicated to promoting and advancing Australia’s mortgage and finance industry, has unveiled statistics that are causing a stir in the mortgage broking sector. The data revealed that during the July-September 2023 quarter, mortgage brokers captured an impressive 71.5% share of all new residential home loans.

Could this surge signal significant industry trends? Let’s find out. This article explores the implications and significance of these figures for the dynamic mortgage broking industry.

A Shift in the Industry’s Landscape

According to statistics from the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), mortgage brokers secured a staggering 71.5% share of all new residential home loans between July and September 2023. This figure underscores the dominant position of mortgage brokers in the lending market and highlights the substantial reliance borrowers place on their services.

This surge represents a significant increase of 4.3 percentage points from the previous quarter, indicating a growing preference for mortgage brokers among individuals and businesses seeking home loans.

Anja Pannek, CEO of the MFAA, emphasises this upward trend as an effect of brokers’ ability to effectively address borrowers’ needs. She notes that mortgage brokers not only facilitate loans but also provide invaluable guidance and tailored solutions to meet diverse client requirements.

“The mortgage lending landscape is complex, particularly given the current interest rate environment. The benefits derived from using a broker extend far beyond securing the lowest rate – it’s the education, guidance, and support they offer that sets mortgage brokers apart,” Pannek highlights.

Mortgage Brokers’ Resilience During Market Fluctuations

Despite experiencing a slight drop of 0.62% in settlement values compared to the same period last year (September 2023 quarter), mortgage brokers have maintained stability within the lending sector. Notably, there was a rebound from the March 2023 quarter, where settlement values fell to $78.59 billion. In the recent quarter (July-September 2023), values surged to $93.83 billion, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of mortgage brokers.

3 Ways Mortgage Brokers Can Leverage This Data

Mortgage brokers can leverage this data in several ways to enhance their business strategies and client interactions:

1. Strategic Planning

Brokers can use this data as a guide for strategic planning. By analysing market share figures, settlement values, and industry trends, brokers can identify growth opportunities, set realistic business goals, and devise targeted strategies to expand their market presence.

2. Tailoring Services

Understanding evolving market trends allows brokers to tailor their services. They can adjust their loan product offerings, refine their advice, and fine-tune their services to better align with changing borrower preferences, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Client-Centric Approach

The data reaffirms brokers’ value beyond the numbers. Brokers can use this latest statistic to highlight their resilience, adaptability, and the personalised guidance they offer beyond numerical figures. This can be used to reassure clients of their expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service.

By applying this data-driven approach, mortgage brokers can elevate their strategies, refine services, and fortify client relationships, positioning themselves as trusted advisors in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Move Forward with Technology

Aside from leveraging the data from the statistics published by MFAA, mortgage brokers should move forward with technology that revolutionises mortgage broker operations. Making use of innovative tools and platforms streamlines operations, heightens client experiences, and sustains competitiveness. By embracing tech innovations, brokers evolve, providing enhanced services and added value in a competitive market.


The statistics we’ve explored collectively highlight the ongoing growth, resilience, and client-focused approach of brokers. Their consistent rise in market share, solid settlement values, and diverse services establish their role in the lending sector, paving the way for an optimistic future in the industry.

With the MFAA’s statistics, the outlook appears bright for mortgage brokers in the housing market. Armed with the ability to adapt, offer comprehensive services, and maintain resilience amid challenges sets the stage for continued success and expansion.

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