Digital Mastery: Marketing Makeover Gift for Newly Onboarded Brokers

Digital Mastery Marketing Makeover Gift for Newly Onboarded Brokers

Did you know that as a broker you don’t need a large marketing budget to increase visibility and credibility? At Vision, we are dedicated to empowering our brokers’ marketing efforts, providing them with tools to thrive in this competitive industry. In recognising the pivotal role of effective marketing, we have teamed up with Darrell Weekes from Purple Thread Marketing, who develops, teaches, and implements Counter Intuitive NO-COST and LOW-COST marketing strategies.

Darrell is an Author, Speaker, Advisory Board Member and Marketing Strategist, who built and sold his own award-winning Mortgage Broking business, where he personally closed a record $430 million in residential lending in just 4 years. Obviously, his strategies work.

In Vision’s collaboration with Darrell, for EVERY broker we onboard, Darrell will conduct a “Marketing Makeover” on your current marketing strategy and messaging and advise you on your next steps for success.

Impact in Action: The Expert’s Take on Mortgage Broker Marketing

So, what’s involved in the Marketing Makeover and how will it benefit you and your business? We recently interviewed Darrell to give you a sneak peek into the insights you’ll receive. Get ready to revolutionise your marketing approach…

The Power of Your Online Reputation

Can you explain the significance of a strong online reputation for mortgage brokers?

When someone is referred to your business, Darrell highlights that 87% of people conduct a Google search before making contact. In this digital age, where research precedes interactions, the importance of managing what Google says about you cannot be overstated.

The key to this strategy is a well-optimised Google Business Profile Page – the ultimate tool for mortgage brokers. Nowadays, potential clients form a comprehensive picture of credibility and professionalism from the reviews left on your profile, as opposed to your website. Optimising your Google Business Profile with five-star reviews not only expedites the process from inquiry to contact, but also acts as independently verifiable social proof, establishing immediate trust.  

Darrel articulates that, “Brokers can generate 20 leads a week just by having people search in Google ‘broker near me’ or ‘best broker in [location]’. It is absolutely critical that you can control what Google is saying about you. Controlling the narrative on Google means emphasising keywords like ‘mortgage broker’ and ‘home loan’ to leverage the power of SEO and to create a reputation that you are credible in today’s digital landscape.”

LinkedIn: A Goldmine for Connections

How can optimised marketing channels and platforms, such as LinkedIn, benefit mortgage brokers in attracting clients?

Darrell emphasises the untapped potential of LinkedIn for mortgage brokers. With an exceptionally high trust factor within Google, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity for brokers to connect with a diverse network. Firstly, when searching your name in Google your LinkedIn profile usually displays in the top three search results. Additionally, people read your LinkedIn profile to find out more information about you; an effective tool to convey legitimacy and authenticity.

Direct messages on LinkedIn boast an impressive 92% open rate, in contrast to an email’s open rate which on average is 25%. LinkedIn clearly is a potent tool for communication. “It’s a networking event on steroids”.

Video: The Modern Educational Tool

How does video content, like YouTube, play a role in building credibility for mortgage brokers?

Video is the most talked about marketing tool currently. However, video content should be authentic. Darrell emphasises the need to provide valuable and educational content, rather than self-promotion.

People use YouTube for one of two things; to be entertained or to be educated. With a surge in the popularity of video content, YouTube becomes a formidable ally for mortgage brokers. Educational content should address the ‘how-to’ searches, as these have increased 70% year on year for the past 20 years. Additionally, by leveraging YouTube, brokers not only establish themselves as industry experts, but also enhance their Google Business Page’s visibility, thanks to Google’s ownership of the platform. “The more tools you use on Google, the more Google will reward you.”

Instagram is also a powerful video publishing tool where brokers should post educational content that is engaging and is aimed at a particular audience. For example, if you are aiming your content towards first home buyers, brokers should utilise video content to share messages about buying your first home. The message should be short, sharp, and digestible; people do not want to take in the whole thing all at once.

The Website: A Knowledge Bank, Not a Showcase

How does an optimised website contribute to a broker’s online presence and credibility?

Optimising your website becomes your key tool to showcase your expertise and problem-solving skills. Darrell stresses the importance of creating a knowledge bank that genuinely helps people; a website that focus on information. By doing this, you can shape a reputation as a knowledgeable industry leader.

Websites should not be self-serving; brokers want to avoid flaunting themselves with self-serving statements. Alternatively, brokers should align with the user’s needs; how can you fix a client’s problem, how well do you know the industry, how well do you know loans, and how well do you understand the nuances of the mortgage market? This not only creates a resourceful knowledge bank for prospects but establishes yourself as highly credible.

Additionally, Google and Bing, the two big search engines, scour online content to see whats genuine. The more content you have the more places that you appear, then the more real you are and the more you get indexed by Google.

Transforming Reputation into Growth

How does an optimised online reputation contribute to mortgage brokers being perceived as industry leaders?

“Optimising your online reputation can lead to organic recognition, attracting not just clients but also the curiosity of other brokers.” Darrell underscores that when optimising your online content (that educates), clients become attracted and get drawn to what you are doing. If you start to convert this into serious amounts of volume, other brokers want to know how you’re doing it too. You’re creating an online message that counterintuitively rewards you. “Online activity magnifies your message. The power of the internet and social media means your message is travelling to hundreds of thousands of people. You can’t do this with analogue marketing.”

Darrell underpins this by sharing a success story where a mortgage broker’s online reputation transformation led to a noticeable increase in business growth. “I recently helped a broker set up their Google Business Page and showed them the process to engage in to accelerate their genuine five-star reviews by a factor of 10. They now get found for the search term of ‘best mortgage broker’ in one of the capital cities of Australia and now have 1500 five-star reviews. When they came to us, they only had 7.”

It is necessary to understand that to maintain your online reputation and the outcomes from this that you must keep doing what you were doing. Google must see that you are engaged with the tools Google offers, and so it is important to respond to reviews that you receive.

You can also tell clients what you want them to say about your business in their reviews. Then respond to these reviews with the same keywords that you want to be searched for in Google. For example, “Thank you, we are trying our best to become the best mortgage broker in [location].”

Be Genuine, Be Authentic – Your Online Reputation Hinges on It

Is it important to be authentic when building your online reputation?

The key lies in knowing when to ask for reviews and crafting authentic responses that reinforce your desired reputation. The Google algorithm is smart enough to know when your reviews are not genuine, when they are bought. Google wants authentic engagement, and as a mortgage broker, asking for a review when you’re the most valuable person in your client’s life is critical. Authenticity is important, and perception is far more powerful than the reality.

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