3 Insights from Vision’s Mentor Workshop: Making the Complicated Simple

Making the Complicated Simple

In July 2023, Vision Aggregation hosted a transformative Mentor Workshop, having the pleasure of being joined by Ruan Burger from Success & Broker, on Making the Complicated Simple.

Making the Complicated Simple with Ruan Burger

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Ruan Burger from Success & Broker

The session centred around the art of building connections, a crucial aspect of success for mortgage brokers. As professional in the field, we all recognised the significance of forging meaningful connections with clients, lenders, and industry peers. We are all in the business of making connections.

The presentation was highly effective. Ruan Burger’s insights provided highly captivating, capturing the group‘s attention and sparking a dynamic discussion that extended beyond the allotted time. Questions from the group came in thick and fast. The material clearly struck a chord with the participants, who resonated with the material and found it to apply in their daily interactions.

In the early stages of setting up a brokerage, there is so much going on with accreditations, lender sessions and new software. It is all too easy to forget about the fine art of ‘forming connections’ and how often in the day these opportunities present themselves. Here is what we learnt:

1. The Value of Connections

Connections in the brokerage community are crucial. Our Mentor Workshop emphasised this greatly. Brokers learned that every connection they make holds potential value and can significantly impact their success.

2. Making Every Connection Count

Participants were encouraged to approach every interaction with intention and purpose. The Workshop delved into techniques and strategies to maximise the impact of each connection, ensuring brokers make a positive impression that lingers in the minds of their clients and partners.

3. The Power of 45

An intriguing concept explored during the session was “The Power of 45”. How do your meetings work? The Power of 45 means that brokers are trying to get the most of a 45-minute meeting session with their clients and industry professionals. Efficiently utilising this time can lead to productive outcomes and foster stronger relationships.

Vision Agg’s Mentor Program

Our Mentor Workshops are just one facet of Vision’s comprehensive Mentor Program. This program is designed to equip brokers with a multifaceted approach to professional development, and includes:

  • Self-paced Learning: Brokers gain access to exclusive in-house modules available in our Broker Portal. These self-paced modules allow brokers to learn at their own speed, accommodating their busy schedules.
  • Group Workshops: Our Mentor Program features engaging group workshops with diverse industry speakers. These sessions provide valuable insights from experienced professionals and encourage collaborative learning among brokers.
  • One-on-One Support: When brokers are ready to lodge deals, our Mentor Program offers personalised one-on-one guidance. This hands-on approach ensures brokers optimise their conversion rates and capitalise on every opportunity.

Vision Aggregation’s Mentor Program draws on nearly 25 years of retail broking experience. Our philosophy is simple; we share everything that has proven successful for us. We are in the unique position of still being ‘on the tools’ so we are well-placed to know what is needed for the busy broker. For years we have presented unique training events, often with a sharp focus on the experienced broker.

Are you ready to take your brokerage to new heights with Vision’s Mentor Program? Reach out to us at contact@visionaggregation.com.au to find out more about this transformative opportunity.

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