Knowledge is Power

Boutique Mortgage Aggregator Australia

Our recent Professional Development days in Victoria and NSW highlighted the complex nature of the different funders, tech offerings and property offerings.

It’s no surprise that the world our brokers operate in is changing daily with new and exciting offerings that give them an edge in a very competitive environment.

Additionally, it’s interesting to see the niche markets that lenders have targeted – with no clawback offerings, specialised SMSF lending and NDIS property loans to name a few.

Although it’s my belief brokers will always have an advantage dealing face to face over online digital methods, simple, easy to complete, digital fact finds are definitely the way of the future, and speed up the process to approval and ultimately settlement.

As a Boutique Aggregator, we operate in the most competitive of markets with special offers from large Aggregators widespread.

It has been a race to the bottom, and that shows no signs of abating. Recently a competitor Aggregator offered zero fees for 12 months and a $30,000 interest free loan for 2 years for a high-level ex banker.

Vision aggregation thinks differently.

Create an environment for success. Create a winning culture. Provide unrivalled support. Provide value for money costs. Provide new products and tools that give Vision Brokers an advantage.

Professional Development days can be one long product push where brokers lose interest quickly and the message is lost.

Professional Development days that provide new products, exclusive offerings and insights into niche products or product launches make it worthwhile.

At our Victorian and NSW PD days, we launched a new digital fact find, a customer budgeting/wealth building offering and an industry first Property Investment Tool.

It doesn’t get better than that.

Be a visionary with Vision.