How Mortgage Brokers can use ChatGPT to improve their marketing: 2 Strategies

ChatGPT to improve marketing

The hottest consumer application in technology today, AI Technology ChatGPT, is taking the world by storm. However, its usability can be used to empower small businesses as a strong solution for growth and efficiency.

The property and finance sector is extremely competitive, and mortgage brokers are continuously seeking for innovative strategies to generate leads, reduce workload, and improve their customer service. When excelling in the industry, it is essential to have a marketing plan that is comprehensive and practical. However, like other financial professionals, marketing demands your time and attention. So, how can ChatGPT help your mortgage broking business’s marketing?

1) Generate social media captions.

Marketing for your mortgage broking business can present some unique challenges, where your resources, such as time, may be limited. However, marketing is an effective way to increase leads for mortgage brokers by raising awareness of their service and expertise, and by motivating our customers to take action.

It is recommended that posting at least once a day maximises a business’ visibility and engagement. So, how can you achieve this target and remain superior against other mortgage brokers with only limited resources?

ChatGPT has the ability to generate social media captions that are almost identical to human-written captions. By simply inputting the relevant data, ChatGPT can generate a caption that is tailored to your specific needs.

However, ChatGPT does recommend that you should always review and edit the captions generated by the AI software, to ensure that they are on brand, appropriate for your target audience, and convey the message you want to share.

Here is an example of using ChatGPT for a social media caption:

We asked ChatGPT, “Write a social media caption on why people should use a Mortgage Broker”. ChatGPT responded with:

“Buying a home can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Working with a mortgage broker can make the process easier, faster, and more affordable. Brokers have access to a wide range of lenders and can help you find the right mortgage for your unique needs and financial situation. Plus, they can guide you through the entire process, from application to closing, and provide expert advice along the way. Don’t navigate the complex world of mortgages alone – let a broker help you achieve your dream of homeownership. Contact us today to learn more.” #mortgagebroker #homeownership #expertadvice

2) Provide inspiration for articles and blog content.

Creating a quality content strategy for your Mortgage Broking business is essential. In the eyes of Google, quality content is the content that answers the questions of website visitors, is aesthetically pleasing to digest, covers a specific topic, and is maintained on a regular basis. It can be noted that there is a correlation between the word count and the ranking of a page in search engines, where in-depth quality content is expected to be written in a certain amount of words.

Purchasing a home or property can be one of the most daunting and biggest purchases in one’s life. As a result, consumers want to know that you will be a reliable adviser and guide throughout this journey. In this case, consumers are more likely to research online when deciding upon the direction that they will take. Thus, it is important to create blog content for your website.

ChatGPT can be used to provide inspiration for blog content by generating ideas and helping to refine them. By listing keywords and topic ideas to ChatGPT, ChatGPT is able to provide new angles on a familiar topic, relevant subtopics to explore, or even ideas for headlines or titles.

However, ChatGPT does recommend that you always refine the ideas presented, as not all will be suitable for your blog, relevant to your audience, align with your brand, or be feasible to execute. ChatGPT is a good starting point and can help you develop your content further with your own expertise, research, and writing style.

Here is an example of using ChatGPT for blog inspiration:

We asked ChatGPT, “What is a blog topic that is currently trending in the Mortgage Broking industry?”. ChatGPT responded with:

One current trending topic in the Mortgage Broking industry is the impact of recent changes in lending regulations on borrowers and mortgage brokers. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) recently introduced new responsible lending guidelines, which have caused some lenders to tighten their lending standards and may make it harder for some borrowers to access credit.

Some potential angles for this topic include:

  1. Understanding the new responsible lending guidelines: A blog post could explain the new guidelines and how they may affect the borrowing process for customers.
  2. How mortgage brokers are adapting to the new regulations: A blog post could explore how mortgage brokers are adapting their practices and services to help customers navigate the new regulations and access credit.
  3. The impact of the regulations on different borrower types: A blog post could explore how the new regulations are affecting different types of borrowers, such as first home buyers, investors, or those with unique financial situations.
  4. Alternative financing options: With the new regulations making it harder for some borrowers to access credit, a blog post could explore alternative financing options, such as non-bank lenders, peer-to-peer lending, or private lenders.
  5. The future of lending regulations: A blog post could explore what the future may hold for lending regulations in Australia and how they may continue to impact borrowers and mortgage brokers.

Overall, a blog post that explores the impact of recent changes in lending regulations on borrowers and mortgage brokers could be a relevant and timely topic for readers in the industry.

How Vision can help you with your marketing and using ChatGPT.

Whilst ChatGPT can provide you with inspiration to improve your marketing efficiency, Vision Aggregation can help you. At Vision, we have decades of experience in providing tailored and bespoke advice for our brokers, and we can help you strategise your marketing plan for 2023, and for the years to come.

We are “Brokers Supporting Brokers”, with an overall commitment to providing fair and transparent advice to our brokers, to support them, their clients, and their businesses. Our boutique feel and leading expertise supports mortgage brokers to build a better broker business, so when it’s time for them to deliver, we have a wealth of knowledge and know-how, and complete confidence in their systems to provide a superior service to their clients.

Want to keep up-to-date with what’s happening at Vision Aggregation?

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