Hiring Outside the Square

Outside the square

We continue to hear about the national labour shortage, with some businesses choosing to close their doors after month on month of under employment within their business.

A recent episode of Four Corners showed swathes of businesses unable to attract workers with large organisations, needing upwards of 20 employees.

Heart-breaking stories of citrus growers walking through thousands of fruit laden trees with hundreds and hundreds of rotting fruit laying on the ground.

McDonalds , Woolworths, along with hundreds of small business operators, are pleading for more workers.

Our industry is being affected also, with job ads in support roles, marketing roles and mortgage broking soaring.

Additionally, salaries are rapidly increasing as demand for high quality employees reaches new highs.

So, the question is… Do I hunt in the same field as every other employer out there and get in a bidding war for staff, or do I think outside the square?

My advice is think outside the square. Look for suitable people outside of the industry and offer them an exciting career change.

  • Trust your own skill set and ability to teach, coach and mentor.
  • Hiring a person with little or no experience.
  • Establish a relationship with a local university and take a Graduate.
  • Ask your current staff and family for referrals.
  • Ask your current client base and referral sources.

The moral to the story in business today is – Today is unlikely to be like yesterday and tomorrow will look nothing like today.

Things are moving at a rapid rate and the world is changing, and getting quality staff is no exception.

Be careful because standing still and doing the same thing really is going backwards.