Handy Pre-Christmas Tips for Brokers

Handy Pre-Christmas Tips for Brokers

As the silly season looms, it is important to make the most of what is usually an important family time and most brokers’ biggest annual break. It is super important to realise we are not robots and therefore need a period of complete rest and relaxation.

As much as we need to display a steadfast discipline during the year to ensure our clients get the best service, we also need to be disciplined about taking time out and moving away from mortgage broking at this time of year. Burnout is a major issue, and it has been proven time and time again that over-worked and under-rested principles are not performing at their optimum level.

When motivated, enthusiastic entrepreneurs start in business, it’s usually go hard 24/7. This is what is required in the ultra-competitive mortgage broking arena. However, as time goes by, you owe to yourself, your family, your staff, and your business to take a break.

So how do I do that you ask?

Please do not think that we know everything about making a break work. However, just know that after 30 years in the industry I am closer to finding the answers now than I was 5 years ago.

The following is a list of my tips, including the “Do’s and Don’ts” over this holiday period.

Firstly, the “Don’ts”

Don’t take your mobile everywhere with you on day trips, in bed and generally when participating in family holiday activities. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can do without you for a couple of weeks, and so can your business. 

Don’t check your emails.

Don’t take business calls.

Don’t leave clients and staff under any illusion you are at work in anytime during your break.

Secondly, the “Do’s”

Do make known to others that you are out of the office, by putting your “out of office” on in your calendars. This should clearly state that you are taking time away and clarifying you will be uncontactable. You can provide an alternative for staff members where possible. And if not, state that you can assist when you return.

Do close your business completely for a period of time.

Do selectively silence your mobile via the Focus facility and take personal calls only.

Do give clients and contacts plenty of notice.

Do be rigid with no exceptions. Leave is Leave 

Do your best to have ongoing matters moving towards settlement before your break.

Do outsource ongoing applications (Vision aggregation provides a thorough cost-effective outsourcing option). 

Do give your staff responsibility, trust them to complete.

In closing, Christmas time is a wonderful time of year for families to enjoy the time with their loved ones. The last 3 years have been challenging and 2023 looks like it will provide its own set of challenges.

Be mentally and physically fit to take 2023 head on.

Rest, relax, refresh, and invigorate.