Emerging from Covid


Another month has passed, and we are slowly emerging from the strange hypnotic isolation state we have been in.  The kids are back at school, junior club sports are getting kids back, the pubs are opening and, here in Sydney, the traffic jams are back.

What a time this has been! It will be fascinating how we all look back on this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ world event.  I have told my kids they should write about their isolation experience, just so they can tell their kids about it one day.


A standout memory for me (apart from all the homegrown ‘zoom’ beards) is taking lunchtime walks around King St wharf. I could walk along that promenade for 10-15 minutes and pass only one or two people.  Strange days indeed…

From the hundreds of conversations I have had with clients, friends, family, and all of you brokers, there has been an array of mixed feelings.  There has been a lot of distress out there; not just from worry about the virus, but of substantial knock-on effects that it has created in our communities. 

The thing that has ‘centred’ me the most is how all of you, our valued group of small-business legends, have gone about your trade.  Keeping your clients informed whilst trying to keep on top of policy and rate changes….it has been a mammoth effort.

A positive outlook…

The positive outlook from Vision Aggregation brokers, after 12-18 months of continual challenges, has been heartfelt.  You have needed to be tough, and it appears that we will all get through this (whenever that may be) as better business people, always putting clients at the centre of what we do.

As we enter this next phase of ‘emergence’, please continue to be vigilant, with the care you take for yourselves, your loved ones, and your clients.

Happy loan writing..