Client Engagement Plan

Client Engagement Plan

We hope you are healthy and navigating these tough times.  There are immense challenges for business owners such as yourselves as well as most of our clients.  The most important questions we should ask ourselves are…

  • What are we doing to connect with our clients?
  • Have you called / emailed them (not just your monthly newsletter)?
  • What is your Client Engagement Plan?

Here in our retail business, we are blogging! We have put together some constructive, informative videos that deal with the many issues our clients are facing.  We have had many enquiries regarding repayment holidays, refinancing and restructuring.  Most of our efforts have gone into trying to manage our clients’ expectations around their current situation.

The focus of our client engagement processes is

  • INFORM – Keep our clients calm and informed
  • EMPATHISE – Ensure they know that we are here to talk to them whenever we need
  • ENGAGE – At some point, be ready to outline emerging opportunities (low rates, buying opportunities)

Lets re-focus and turn our minds to what we do best. How do we offer opportunity to our clients? What ARE the opportunities available?