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At Vision, we want to support you to run your business effectively and maximise your success in every way possible.

We have a range of business support services available for you to take advantage of as a mortgage broker

  • Loan Processing
  • Credit Navigation and Guidance
  • Referral Partner Management
  • Client Retention

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Mortgage Broker Support

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Sally discusses how Vision Aggregation has supported her firm over the past 15 years.

Sally Kay
Vision Property and Finance Orange

Loan Processing

Our Broker Support Service allows brokers to focus more on their business growth and less on mundane administration tasks.

  • Client data entry
  • Compliance documents production and filing
  • Loan Application lodgment and tracking
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Settlement tracking and management
  • Post settlement Surveys

Our resourcing means you can look after more client and make happier.

Credit Navigation and Guidance

Tricky clients, no problem. Our credit experts can work with you to piece together complicated scenarios and provide you with lender choice guidance.

We can assist with

    • Complicated tax returns


    • Advise on Complex Servicing


    • Complex Loan Structuring


    • Pre-Submission Bank Vetting


    • Loan Placement


Referral Partner Management

Vision is all about partnerships. We can help you form long lasting referral relationships.

Vision can assist with

  • Referral Partner Sales Training
  • Marketing Material
  • Referral Agreements
  • Commission Management
  • Lead Reporting

Client Retention

Keeping your clients happy and coming back to you is easy with Vision. We have a range of tools and a dedicated client manager available to you to stay in touch.

Vision can assist with

    • Annual Client review Calls


    • Newsletters


    • SMS Messaging


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