Broker Spotlight – Robert Dardano

Robert Dardano - Broker Spotlight

60 seconds with Robert Dardano – Fat Money

Who is your favourite lender and why?  At the moment – Suncorp Commercial Team. Kieran and Adam have been great to deal with, understanding the clients needs and the financials structures required.

What is your career highlight thus far? Large construction funding deal.  Several moving parts I had to deal with.

How did you come to join Vision? I was looking at a career change several years ago, late 2014. I literally found Vision via Google!

How long have you been with Vision? Since Dec 2014

How is the current climate affecting you personally and professionally?Loans have been a little slow, and several clients have been directly affected by either tenants or government forced closures. Personally, the first week or two was nice, a slow paced change, but now its all become very boring…

What makes you laugh? Still like repeats of Seinfeld 🙂

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