Broker Spotlight – Qiuyue Sun

Coco Qiuyue Sun

1. How did you become a mortgage broker?  

I used to work as a property manager, and I was inspired by a friend to help the landlord with their home loan. It was a good idea, so I became a mortgage broker then.

2. What do you like most about the industry?

I like helping people, as a mortgage broker I could use my knowledge and experience to help them.

3. Who is your favourite lender and why? 

I like ANZ because they have a very friendly policy for Self Employment Applicants. I have a big portion of customers who are self-employed.

4. What advice would you offer a new broker joining the industry?

I think building up relationships and trust with clients is the most important. Try to build up trust before doing business with clients.

5. How and when did you join Vision?

I was introduced to Vision by a friend in early 2020, I made the right choice!

6. What do you do in your spare time?

Being a mom of a 2-year-old kid, most of my spare time involves taking care of the little guy.

7. What challenges are you facing with the current climate?

The interest rate may significantly raise this year, affecting the property and lending market. Assessment rate increase and demand decrease.

8. If you won $10M tomorrow, what would you do?

Well, can I say buy another investment property? LOL…

9. Describe what you were like in high school in 3 words?

Happy, energetic and busy (In China, high school students have a lot of homework to do)

10. What is your key for success?

Try to build up a good relationship with the customer instead of treating them as a one-off opportunity.

11. What makes you laugh?

Hmmm….. When the loan is approved. ^v^