Broker Spotlight – Jason Pitkeathly

Broker Spotlight - Jason Pitkeathly


This months broker spotlight is on Jason Pitkeathly from Menzies Financial Group. Jason has years of experience in the industry and with Vision Aggregation.

How did you become a mortgage broker?

I grew up in NZ and after finishing a property degree I left university and became a valuer which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then had a 4 year stint in London as a management accountant before coming to Australia. I knew I wanted a property related role and this ticked many

What do you like most about the industry?

Seeing clients achieve their goals.

Who is your favourite lender and why?

Macquarie – simple calculator, good access to a good BDM and their quick turnarounds.

What advice would you offer a new broker joining the industry?

Don’t. Lenders will make you grey quicker than children.

How and when did you join Vision?

Maybe 2010?

What do you do in your spare time?

Surfing and cycling day to day but love camping. For me there is no greater joy than surfing with my 14 and 12 yr old boyI also work as a cycle guide for a cycle event management company where I ride various charity events every year. I tend to do 3-6 events per year, ranging from 1 day events to 8 day events.  I am there primarily to ensure their safety but with that as mechanical and psychological support for the riders. If our team does our job well, everyone gets home safely, the riders raise lots of money for their charities and they have a great experience!

What challenges are you facing with the current climate?

Lenders and their box tickers.

If you won $10M tomorrow, what would you do?

Pay off my home loan, my parents and sisters home loans. I would buy Bitcoin with the remainder and then cycle, surf, camp around the world with my wife and 2 boys.

Describe what you were like in high school in 3 words

Happy, social, adventurous

What is your key for success?

Worry about only what I can control

What makes you laugh?

That time my wife fell asleep whilst eating chocolate, melted all over her face watching Australia’s Biggest Loser. (The irony, as at the time she was an elite rower)