Broker Spotlight – Jake Brennan


This month, the broker spotlight is on Jake Brennan. Jake joined Vision Aggregation a few years ago straight out of university. Find out more about this young go-getter below!

1. How did you become a mortgage broker? 

I became a broker during my first year of university when my family introduced me to the industry.

2. What do you like most about the industry? 

I enjoy having the freedom to work at home and the opportunity to help clients achieve their property goals.

3. Who is your favourite lender and why?

All lenders have their positives and negatives, it is my preference to deal with lenders who strive for a good customer experience.

4. What advice would you offer a new broker joining the industry? 

Pick a few lenders and learn their policy as this will build a strong foundation, and reach out to your BDM’s to introduce yourself and start a relationship.

5. How and when did you join Vision? 

I joined Vision in 2019 as I was looking to join an aggregator that would give our business the flexibility and support it needed to succeed.

6. What do you do in your spare time? 

Trade cryptocurrency and go to the gym.

7. What challenges are you facing with the current climate? 

Difficulty with dealing with lenders and the ever-changing nature of bank policy.

8. If you won $10M tomorrow, what would you do? 

Pay off my debt and buy Bitcoin.

9. Describe what you were like in high school in 3 words? 

Conscientious, friendly and creative

10. What is your key for success? 

Learn from your mistakes

11. What makes you laugh? 

Cat videos