Broker Spotlight – Hamish Ferguson

How did you get into the mortgage broking industry?

Dave said “Jump in… The waters fine”

What do you like most about the industry?

Helping people purchase their 1st home is really gratifying. Also journeying with people now for 30 years. I love the relationships

Who is your favourite lender and why?

Currently Bankwest, they are competitive and multiple offset accounts

What advice would you offer someone joining the industry?

Play the long game & embrace the new regulations

How and when did you join Vision?

Went to school with David Lennox. Joined in 2001. Seemed like the natural choice. The also gave me some invaluable work experience early on.

What do you do in your spare time?

Basketball. Deep and meaningful conversations. I love to agitate.

What challenges are you facing with the current climate?

Managing client expectations. Balance my desire to help everyone with the commercial decisions of just helping those that I can help easily

If you won $10M tomorrow, what would you do?

Keep $2M and allocate $8M to helping youth

Describe what you were like in high school in 3 words

 Safe, Oddball, Loyal

What do you enjoy most about working at Vision Property & Finance? (other than working with Helen…?)

Relationships / Independence / Culture

What is your key for success?

Make sure you understand the ‘Why’. Never just follow the rules blindly

What makes you laugh?

Seinfield….The world is crazy!