Broker Spotlight – Paul Doueihi

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Paul Doueihi, Vantage Finance

The spotlight is on Paul Doueihi this month. An experienced broker with over 20 years experience in mortgage broking, Paul has been with the Vision group for some 6 years and is a consistent and well versed operator….

How did you get into the mortgage broking industry?

I left the fast-food industry and joined with Wizard back in 2000, then was head hunted into a bank (St George and Westpac) I served the 10-year sentence. Then went back to working for myself. 

What do you like most about the industry?

Helping clients with so many options, rather than the one.  Plus, you can help everyone!

Who is your favourite lender and why?

As a parent I show no favouritism, so as a broker, none are my favourite as they are forever changing the hurdles.  However, I am liking Macquarie with the ease to process a loan, then the loan documents being electronic with the OSR documents.  How easy is it getting?!

What advice would you offer someone joining the industry?

Be prepared, it is 2 years before your income is at a level which will be consistent.  However, if you can hold on for the ride it is so worth it.  Plus, it is a roller coaster ride! Enjoy the “highs” and don’t let the lows get to you.

How and when did you join Vision?

6 years ago, from a recommendation.  Really good recommendation.

What do you do in your spare time?

Play board games with my sons, run with my dogs. Chill with my better half.

What challenges are you facing with the current climate?

Trying to keep up with everything.  Too may changes too quickly.

If you won $10M tomorrow, what would you do?

Invest in property, borrow a further $10M.  I love what I do so I would not change.  Except I would fly first class from now on.

Describe what you were like in high school in 3 words

  • Shy
  • NERD
  • Awkward

What is your key for success?

My clients, I just look after them, and they keep on coming back and referring me more clients

What makes you laugh?

Everything! Enjoy every day and laugh at everything.  It’s better than being sad or mad at everything.