Keeper Security

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We all know that mortgage brokers deal with sensitive data and have a responsibility to protect their client's data. By using a password manager to store all passwords, you are safeguarding yourself from cyber criminals as well as your clients sensitive information.

Keeper Security is a password management tool that helps you manage your secure passwords in one portal. it also offers the following:

Breach watch - monitors the dark web to ensure you are not being breached
Cloud Security Vault - safely stores your data so you can manage it safely
Keeper Chat - private, hyper-secure encrypted messaging on every device to protect against cybercriminals

Never have to remember a password again

  • Keep passwords and private information store in a personal encrypted vault
  • Boost your productivity - you can log into lender portals in one click
  • Works on every mobile device also

Note: This is a Vision suggestion only. All subscription purchases will be with you direct to the supplier.