Broker Newsletter | June 2021


Welcome to the June Newsletter, with a special shoutout to our Victorian brokers who are just entering ABL (another bloody lockdown).  This is a very difficult situation for all of you, on top of all the prior difficulties you have had (eg, too much AFL!).  I am only grateful for the fact that we did get down there to see you for our PD Day in early May.  Please reach out to anyone across the group for help with anything. 

In terms of business, we know all of you are still very busy, enquiry levels are going through the roof across the board and lenders are still not coping with the transactions coming their way.  This is a perfect opportunity for brokers to ‘spread their wings’ and start dealing with new lenders.  There are plenty out there still offering decent SLA’s.  For many of our clients, the long long wait is enough to put those lenders at the bottom of the list.

Macquarie Bank, ING, MyState, Bank of Sydney are all OK. There are lenders out there we simply cannot lodge deals to because of their wait times is a huge thing for you all to be considering.

In terms of making things quicker and easier, our experiment with Illion has been smooth and we should have done it ages ago, it is a no-brainer.  Some clients are reluctant, but there are still plenty that do it, and that is enough to save loads of time.

We are still finalising our piece on the ID / VOI process for remote interviews, we will send out the ready reckoner soon.

In the meantime, good luck to all of you as we enter the winter climes, keep looking after your clients and we know that your revenues will only go one way 

The Vision Agg Team

Turnaround Times | Banks V Non-Banks

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Channel conflict has existed in the third party channel since mortgage broking kicked off in the early 90’s.

Some pundits will tell you that the third-party channel, the Big 4 banks, and their affiliates have lived in harmony for the last decade. It’s my view that channel conflict goes beyond banks competing and undercutting the broker market … read more

Broker Spotlight – Kara Klapsinos

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This month, the spotlight is on Kara Klapsinos. Kara loves helping people buy their homes and improve their long-term financial situation, however, there is more to her than just being a mortgage broker. Please continue on and get to know Kara as we know … read more



We are pleased to announce we now have a dedicated commission processor. Meredith Ivers has dared to take on this role and has been successfully learning our new system, she has grown her wings and is now off and running!

Remember – All commission enquiries should be directed to Please do not email staff directly regarding your commission payments. 

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Infynity Training

  • Induction Training
  • 101 – Basic Training
  • 102 – Advanced Training 

Most of you would have already attended an Induction to Infynity and Compliance seminar. If you have not, please keep an eye out on your emails as there is a webinar that runs monthly on Inductions and we highly recommend you obtain this basic knowledge.

There is no formal training on the software, it is up to you to ensure you are across how the system works to ensure you are efficient and well versed when entering deals. There is an array of training videos on Infynity also, you will find this under the Education store.

Each month, the Infynity team host training webinars on the Infynity system.

  • 101 is the basic entry level training such as entering a loan application, client profiles, emailing etc, and;
  • 102 is more advanced training such as quick qualifier calculator, pipeline tools, task creations etc.

We highly recommend whether you are a new to Industry broker or an old hand, to join in on a session or two to ensure that you better understand the system and enable you to work more efficiently.

Save the Date!

We are working towards our next PD day dates for NSW and Victoria and wanted to let you know to save the date in your calendars. QLD & TAS, we hope you can travel to one of the events this year, next year we are hoping to extend our visit to QLD also, but for now the following is what we are working towards:

NSW   –    Thursday 26th August

VIC     –     Thursday 9th September

No excuses people – we want a 100% turnup!


What a success our inaugural Victorian PD day was! The turnout was great, the mood was great and the lunch was a ball. It was great to put a face to everyone’s name and get to know you all in person. Thank you all for helping us make the day a huge success!

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