A Move Away From the Majors: 2 Mortgage Broking Predictions

A Move Away From the Majors 2 Mortgage Broking Predictions

At the beginning of the new year it was difficult to predict what would occur with mortgage broker numbers nationally.

As we enter the second week of February I can confirm a number of predictions, including the following:

Mortgage Broking Prediction 1:

There will be a significant year on year uplift in new mortgage broker enquires.

Mortgage Broking Prediction 2:

There will be significant uplift in mortgage brokers leaving large aggregators and making enquires with boutique service based offerings.

Gone are the days when mortgage brokers are willing to accept unsuitable pricing, substandard service, or a combination of both.

Vision Aggregation has fielded a significant number of enquires from long-term successful mortgage broker groups looking to join with the focus on partnership. Vision is all about partnerships; we are committed to helping our mortgage brokers form long lasting referral relationships, with leading training for referral partner sales

At Vision Aggregation, we know that momentum builds momentum. As a mortgage broking aggregator, it is always pleasing to receive excellent feedback and referrals.

The mortgage broker community is a relatively small industry. That said, when you develop a good name for providing what you promise, referrals flow. Industry groups like Finance and Coffee discuss mortgage broker aggregator recommendations and Vision Aggregation keeps getting mentioned.

As we move through 2023 with the busiest start to the year since establishment in 2001, we feel privileged and grateful for the support of our loyal mortgage brokers. Additionally, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with such amazing entrepreneurs who have chosen mortgage broking as a career change.

So, we recommend that in 2023 you find out why mortgage brokers and entrepreneurs are partnering with Vision Aggregation. At Vision Aggregation, we are dedicated and committed to supporting our mortgage brokers’ businesses, and that’s why key industry groups are referring Vision Aggregation.

At Vision Aggregation, our sole purpose is to deliver better outcomes for you and your clients, something that the big majors just could not provide. Our boutique feel and leading expertise supports mortgage brokers to build a better broker business, so when it’s time for you to deliver, we have a wealth of knowledge and know-how, and complete confidence in your systems to provide a superior service to your clients.

Take advantage of our industry leading mentor program, with a flat fee and a competitive percentage model, and visit our website, or contact us today.

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