How can you help your clients with interest rate uncertainty? 5 Strategies

Interest Rates

There is a major risk for brokers with the rise in interest rates causing uncertainty in the finance and property space. Brokers need to move quickly; we want our clients to be able to fully trust us, our service, and our expertise. What can brokers do to help clients so that their businesses continue to strengthen during a rate-rise cycle? Here are 5 quick strategies.

Strategy 1: Be clear with your clients on how you can help them.

You can help your clients with rate rises in 3 ways:

  1. Repricing: conducting an interest rate review is quick and effective, and is a useful step before completing the next two. This step involves reviewing rates at your client’s current lender to see if they can get a better rate.
  2. Refining: refinancing may be a longer process, but with potentially better outcomes. This involves reviewing the entire marketplace to see if another lender can provide a big shift in your client’s rate profile.
  3. Restructuring: a bigger process with a potentially BIGGER saving in monthly cashflow. This involves looking into your client’s loan terms, to do conduct a deeper and thorough analysis of the picture of the client and their loan profile. When we look at all of these elements together, including the interest rate review, that is the best thing you can do for your clients.

Strategy 2: Call all your clients.

Ring all your existing clients and see how they are going, making sure they are OK and see what you can do to help them. 

Vision Aggregation take pride in our ability to help you, as we have a service to help busy brokers if they need someone to touch base with their clients.

Strategy 3: Update your clients through your blog and social media.

Post a blog or send a newsletter article telling you clients what you can do for them. 

Vision helps by drafting blog templates to help busy brokers. Click here for a template that you can use and tailor to your own voice.

When you sign up with Vision Aggregation, you get access to a range of different templates, useful for you, your clients, and your business’s success..

Strategy 4: Video message

This strategy requires you going to the next level and recording a video message for your clients. Putting this video onto your website, then directing your clients to this video is not only a great way to engage with your clients, but an effective strategy for marketing.  

Vision helps by providing training to brokers to improve their online presentation skills. Often, we host internationally-acclaimed specialists to help our brokers upskill in this area.

Strategy 5: Referrer communication.

Let your referrers or potential referrers know about these things you are doing, and see if they can share it with their audiences. Their clients may be hurting from these rate rises and needing help too. It is a great time to build relationships with referrers. 

Vision helps as it has decades of experience in dealing with referral relationships and part of the tailored/bespoke advice we provide for brokers. At Vision Aggregation, we are “Brokers Supporting Brokers”.

How Vision Aggregation supports brokers and their clients.

Working with an Aggregator that supports you, your business and your clients in every way, should be your plan for 2023, and for the years to come. At Vision Aggregation, we are “Brokers Supporting Brokers”, and we are passionate about forming a transparent partnership with all of our mortgage brokers.

We want to ensure that you are doing everything that’s right for your customers. Take advantage of our industry leading mentor program and superior expertise and see why mortgage brokers choose Vision!

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